Frequently Asked Questions-Allure Premium Take Overs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Allure Premium Takeovers?

Allure Premium Takeovers is the sister site of This new website was created to give our Premium Takeover subscribers unlimited access to their favorite takeovers. Many of you miss takeovers due to the short 24-hour-life-span of stories. Plus, we think you all deserve the ability to replay and have access to your favorite takeovers whenever you like. 

Why are we better?

First, being the individuals responsible for bringing the world the premium Snap takeover, we have hours of footage and a rolodex of hotties to call on to entertain you.

Second, we are the only ones giving you live Periscope takeovers consisting of live video streams ranging from 5 to 20 mins in length.

Finally, we are the only ones with a website like this giving you unlimited access to all your favorite takeovers. IT'S A NO BRAINER! 

What do I get with a subscription?

You will have unlimited access to hours of past takeovers by sexy amateur girls as well as industry pros. You will also get to see every new takeover live via our private Snap and Periscope accounts. Finally, you will receive the social media information of most, if not all, of our models. 

I purchased a subscription but I have not been added on Snap and/or Periscope. Why not?

Getting added to our private accounts can take up to 48 hours depending on your response time to our initial email. If you did not receive an email from us upon purchase asking for your account usernames then please check your spam folder. If that does not do the trick then we likely have an invalid email address for you so you should try to contact us via the contact page. 

Does purchasing a subscription to Allure Premium Takeovers on give me access to

Yes, you will have access on as long as your subscription is active.  If you did not receive an email with login credentials please contact us via the contact page.   Please use the email address that you used to originally sign up, or if you originally provided an invalid email then include the invalid email in the text of your message. 

My Snap/Periscope account was hacked or my username was changed for another reason. How can I update that to regain access?

Please email us via the contact page with your old and new Snap/Periscope username. 

How do I Cancel?

  1. Log in to your account using your subscriber credentials

  2. Scroll your mouse ove the avatar picture in the top right corner with your name

  3. Select "My Profile"

  4. Select "Edit"
  5. Select "Manage Your Billing Info"

  6. Select "Cancel"

I am a girl, and I want to do a paid takeover!

Great! Shoot us a message via the contact page with your IG or Twitter name. Pay for takeovers ranges from $70 to $300+ depending on your following and the content you provide. 

I am a subscriber or potential subscriber, and I want to recommend a model for a takeover!

Great! We love recommendations! Shoot us an email via the contact page with the models social media information and we will do what we can to get her on here for you!

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